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This is a worksheet to accompany the crash course video for Economics #7: Inflation. Answer key is included as well.By purchasing this file, you agree not to make it publicly available (on websites, etc.) or to share with any other teachers. It is intended for classroom use only.=====Interested in C Unit 4-5 Demand and Supply Worksheet. Unit 6 Prices and Controls Worksheet. Unit 7 Types of Market Structures Worksheet.

Inflation island worksheet answers

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Inflation creates uncertainty and makes future planning more difficult. Unanticipated inflation erodes the purchasing power of nominal assets, including money, bonds, and savings accounts. Individuals with fixed incomes also lose. Step 6: Reinforce students’ understanding of how inflation causes the value of money to decline over time with examples from the Inflation Introduction worksheet from T. Rowe Price. Make the connection between the inflation rate and price increase as students work through the problems together or independently. IGCSE Economics Worksheet - Inflation.

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Taken from the syllabus, past papers and Edexcel teacher's guide. Please rate and add suggestions. Monetary and Fiscal Policy Worksheet #1 Name _____ Hour _____ 1.

Inflation island worksheet answers

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Inflation island worksheet answers

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A. Answers may vary but the correct answer is “c” (less) because the inflation rate (2%) is greater than the return on savings (1%), which means that the saver has lost purchasing power due to inflation. The students will periodically answer questions presented on the PowerPoint so the teacher can check for understanding and adjust the lesson if necessary.

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The content instruction is dense in student lead answers. They have to answer questions both out loud and on their individual worksheets.

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